A downloadable game for Windows

1v1 top-down hide-and-seek.

Alien: WASD

Gary: Arrow Keys + Space or Right Ctrl (Fire)

Mr. Governor's dinner party has been infiltrated by alien shapeshifters who have been tasked to eliminate him. Aware of the extraterrestrial assassins' intentions, Mr. Governor has armed himself. Be warned though, murdering your fellow man will cause a panic.
As an alien, your goal is to maintain cover until you can get within arm's reach of Mr. Governor. Touching your target will allow you to assassinate him.


Programmers: Digl Dixon, Isaac Blomfield, Scott Brebner

Artists: Mark Lindsay

Audio: Duncan Phillips, Kenyon Shankie

Install instructions

Unzip and run the game's .exe file.


GovenorGarysFatalFunction.zip 48 MB